Willow, her brother, the birds & the bee’s!

We were excited to have Willow visit the studio for her newborn photo shoot. We had planned a very special setup for her using lots of beautiful flowers. Before her photo shoot we set off to a local wholesale florist and thoroughly enjoyed picking the perfect flowers. As we approached the cashier with our arms full of beautiful faux flowers Rachel quickly realised the best option was to ask the staff member to ‘whisper’ the total to her. Samira likes to keep a close eye on the purse strings but Rachel persuaded her you can’t put a price on beauty!! As we returned to the studio our vision came to life, the flowers looked stunning and all we needed now was a pretty, little girl to finish it off. Willow didn’t disappoint, she arrived with her beautiful dark hair and delicate little features.

Willow came back the following weekend with her big brother Alfie. This is part of our Signature Newborn Sessions, older siblings that are at school can come back at the weekend and this saves them getting bored during the longer newborn photo shoot. Alfie had us laughing throughout the session with his brilliant jokes. He exhausted Rachel’s ‘clean’ jokes so she had to google some more…..What do you get if you cross a snowman with a vampire…..FROST BITE…hahahaha!! We also had a quick lesson from Alfie about the birds and the bees as he told us all about the special seed Daddy kindly gave to Mummy! These moments are why we love working with children so much, priceless!

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