Becoming a big sister or brother is a big deal, it’s a huge responsibility that’s suddenly dropped onto a child. They now have to act more grown up, share your time and deal with a newborn baby crying….a lot! I remember my son asking one day “when she going back, now?” after the realisation that this new little bundle was here to stay!! But for parents this can be such an emotional but incredibly special time. Watching your children form a life long bond, their first interactions together to imagining how these little people will grow up to become possibly the best of friends…..with a few fights along the way! Capturing photographs of siblings together is one of our favourite parts of newborn photo shoots.

newborn photoshoot bournemouth with siblings
baby photoshoot in bournemouth siblings

Creating memories not just for you!

Who can resist the gorgeous interactions between siblings…..these are guaranteed to melt any grandparents heart too! During the photo shoot we encourage the older brother or sister to show us how amazing they are at giving baby snuggles. With soft kisses on their heads to smelling the sweet newborn smell each little moment makes perfect memories frozen in time. Not only are these images incredibly special for you but in years to come when your children look back as these photos we hope they will become treasured possessions for them too.

newborn baby photoshoot bournemouth with older siblings

What if they won’t play ball!?

Many parents worry that their older children might not cooperate during the photo shoot. We totally understand this! After all, their world has just been turned upside down. We always try to make the photo shoot fun. Mr tickle monster often comes out to play or his best friend Bark the dog and if these don’t create lots of natural smiles we have a whole host of tricks up our sleeve…..and yes we have even hidden rice cakes behind a baby before to encourage her baby sister to come over for a quick cuddle!

We also don’t mind if you want to arrive in two cars for the photo shoot. We always start with the sibling and family photos so if your older child gets bored they can always be taken home with your partner whilst we continue with the newborn photo shoot ensuring we have their photos all wrapped up as quickly as possible!

Safety first

Above all, our main priority during the photo shoot is the safety of the children, especially the baby. The great thing about having two photographers at your photo shoot is there is always one of us on hand to ensure the safety of your baby and children. Whilst one of us is taking the photo the other is solely focused on watching the baby. Siblings can decide at a moments notice that they have had enough and want to get up. At this point the ‘spotter’ (no, not the photographer suffering with an acne breakout, but the one watching and often holding the baby) will jump into action and help the sibling move away from the baby. As you can see from this photo we are so close to ensure the safety of the baby at all times. Often we will use photoshop to remove the ‘spotter’ in our post processing after your photo shoot.

safety during a newborn photo shoot bournemouth

Sounds good?

If you are interested in booking a newborn photo shoot with or without an older sibling we would love for you to get in touch with us. Simply click here >> fill out your e mail address and details and we will send you through all the information including prices for a newborn photo shoot with Hey Little You Studios.