Cake Smash in Dorset

We are sure it will come as no surprise to you that at Hey Little You Studios we love cake smash sessions. From designing the setups, meeting the birthday child to photographing the little ones smash the cake we have so much fun! But we pride ourselves on offering more than just a cake smash at our studio.

Firstly, we would like to introduce¬†you to the super gorgeous, totally adorable Rose who will show you everything we include in a photo shoot at Hey Little You Studios. It all started with a phone call to Rose’s mum as we discussed the style she would like for the cake smash. Her mum was happy to let us create something but wanted it fairly minimal so Rose was the focus of the cake smash….but it had to be super cute and girlie! We put together a pastel pink setup and ordered a rose swirl cake (it had to be this design with her name!) from our fab cake supplier (The Magic Mixing Bowl).

Before we start our cake smash photo shoots we always capture some classic portrait photos.

Pre Cake smash photos Dorset

Rose then went on to smash the cake like a true pro! She loved eating it and would take big chunks in her little hands and happily munched away. She delicately took pieces off the cake and ate them whilst giving us big happy smiles.

Cake Smash Dorset

Once Rose had enough of eating cake (and Dad realised there wouldn’t be any left for him if she continued) we moved on to the bath to clean up. Rose loved the bath and splashed away still giving us big smiles. We are so super jealous that she can even rock a shower cap and still look adorable!

cake smash bath photos dorset

After the fun in the bath Rose dried off and snuggled in a big towel….still looking super cute. She read herself a little story “Guess how much I love you” ….by now it’s safe to say we were totally smitten with Rose too!

after cake smash dorset

But the fun didn’t end there….we then celebrated with some falling confetti. Anyone who follows Hey Little You Studios will know our love of confetti and when you mix it with a baby it’s almost too cute for words!

cake smash dorset confetti

To end the session Rose had some cuddles with her mum and dad….you can instantly see where she gets her looks from….what a gorgeous family! We just love capturing these moments and know how special they will be in years to come.

cake smash dorset family photos

…..and that’s a wrap!

Rose had been treated to her cake smash session by her lovely Auntie. Unfortunately she doesn’t live locally so couldn’t come to their viewing session to see the photos. We wanted her to be able to see how much Rose enjoyed the session and also to give her the chance to view the slideshow. You can watch Rose’s full gallery of photos in the video below…..enjoy!