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Newborn Baby Photographers Bournemouth Dorset.

Client Day - Hey Little You Studios

As Newborn Baby Photographers in Bournemouth Dorset we are incredibly lucky to have so many little clients visiting us. We capture newborns in their first few weeks, babies who are just sitting up and one year olds celebrating their birthdays. It’s such a rewarding and special job which is made even better by the amazing parents that choose us to photograph their babies and children. We are so honoured that our clients are loyal to us, they recommend us to friends and family, they support us on Facebook and Instagram and best of all they keep coming back for photo shoots with us.

We really feel we have the best clients who truly believe in us and love our photos which makes us want to do a happy dance every day! We wanted to give back to our clients to say thank you to them. We decided with Easter fast approaching (can you believe it’s nearly here….we still feel like we have just recovered from the Christmas festivities!) that we would like to invite all our existing clients to an Exclusive Client Day. We will have an Easter photo shoot setup and clients can come along with their little ones for a FREE easter photo. But we thought….why stop there?! Why not let them bring a friend. This way even more people can experience a photo shoot with Hey Little You Studios.

Newborn Baby Photographers Bournemouth Dorset.

So we have spent hours….actually days….ok it might even be weeks…trying to master the art of Origami to create cute Easter bunnies for the setup. We finally mastered it with small bits of paper and then challenged ourselves to go bigger and better. We are delighted with the outcome and now have a studio full of cute little bunnies.

We can’t wait for Monday to come along when the studio will be full of lots of babies and children popping in for their Easter photos. We will be running more Exclusive Client events in the future and can’t wait to keep adding to our growing list of customers.

If you would like to become a Hey Little You Studio client please check out our different photography sessions at the top of the page. You can also sign up to our newsletter HERE to find out about our Mini Sessions. These are suitable for older kids and are always so much fun!